LIKE Agency

Fuelled by our communal dedication to music and nightlife LIKE started off in 2007 as a party founded by David Hasert & Sara Mc Lear in Cologne. Booking both established electronic artists as well as young upcoming musicians from different music backgrounds has always been important to us. Apart from that, we initially had not much of a clue about what we were actually doing. Since, thanks to you guys, the party became more successful than we could’ve ever expected we ended up throwing a lot of them over the following years.

Those days were fun but since we have all grown up a bit, other things, such as the the record label have come more into focus. Many of us dedicated a lot of time to music and quite a number of real nice releases were the result. We were further lucky enough to arrange events for and with brands such as Adidas, Forvert, Weekday, Youtube, Endemol, Philipp Morris and several great record labels. We designed a small clothing line, put on a vintage market and basically tried out a lot of the things that came to our minds.

During 7 years, naturally, some people came and some people went. Many of them added some unique spirit, some were perhaps a pain in the ass. However, looking back, I don’t think we would have done it any differently.

Thanks to everyone who was, is or will be part of this journey! For further information or any requests information feel free to contact us.

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