10 Secret Weapon´s by David Hasert – Free Download

In the last Weeks i posted 10 secret Weapon Tracks of mine on my Facebook Page. In case that you missed one: Here they are in a download Zip folder

Secret Weapon #01
Ludwig Zibell – Wagneritz (David Hasert Remix)
After my supa supa Hip Hop scratches at minute 1 you have the attention of the crowd. I like the fact that the bass is constantly pushing you forwards while the drums are shuffling… Ludwigs original was a little bit more straight and I thought that it was a good idea to make the track more rumbling cause it fits perfect to the synthie line that sounds like little birds to me..It´s more a schmooving Track than a peaktime bomb but at least you have a very good end position for every kind of stuff you want to do in your set to earn some Yeah Yeahs

Secret Weapon #02
Portishead – Roads (David Hasert & Matteo Luis Remix)

Second Track in My “Secret Weapon Series”. I think its 16 Years Ago when I listened to Portishead´s “Roads” the first time on a tape in a friends Car. Its one of this Tracks which are always in your mind but at least you don´t listen them for a long time. It was no easy decision to do this edit cause its always a hard decision too touch a track which is so connected to you.
One day i fooled around with the chords of “Roads” and Madonas Acapella from “Miles Away” in Matteo´s Studio. The result was really special so we decided to arrange our edit around these two elements. Truly Said this Track is no real secret Weapon cause i just played it two times in five years but like i said in the beginning of these lines: Some tracks are always by your side you just have to wait for the right moment. There is no distance

Secret Weapon #03
Tourist – Next Time (David Hasert Remix)

When I produced this Remix, for one of Cologne´s best secret Acts Tourist aka Inky Timez, I was listening ton Matias Aguayo´s “El Sucu Tucu”. The Way he Chopped his Vocals and Use them like a rythm instrument is unique and inspired me to use Ingas´s Vocals also as a main instrument of the Track.
At this time i was confused cause a lot of Techno Labels told me that they like my music but at least they don´t know where to range it. For me this was a farce cause at least they all talk about “everything sounds the same” and “there´s nothing new” but dont want to release stuff thats different?
So I was a little bit down and went to a gig, the club was half filled the dancefloor nearly empty and I played this Remix and the mood of the people switched immediately and the dancefloor filled quick. At this point I recognized that it´s good to be different and for me its totally ok when somebody says “I don´t like your music for that or that reason” but at least you will not find a track that sounds similar.

Secret Weapon #04
Caribou – Can´t do without you (David Hasert Remix)

Caribou´s Original is hopless romantic and i tried to capture this in my version and made it a little bit more laid back and added just some little Hasi melodies. I also reduced the vocal from „i can’t do without you“ to just „without you“ which sounds like „found you“ in my ears. So i hope you will find your love while listening to this song after a long disco night when the sun goes up as often you can..

Secret Weapon #05
Patrice Baumel – Roar (David Hasert Rework)

If you know Patrice´s outstanding Original (which sounds a little like a Motorbike is driving through the Clubs Soundsystem) you can Imagine thats its getting serious now. At first I sampled out of Young Marble Giants “Choco Loni” a piece of the lead Guitar which helps the track to get this driving character (You remember the Motorcycle). The Rest is Beats, some White Noise which is actually really white noise cause I recorded it from a Trains Emission valet and Patrice´s super Guitar – Motorcycle Sample in the Break. Voila, The Dancefloor is Shaking.

Secret Weapon #06
LEMMON – Martinitoren (David Hasert Remix)

This track was used to be made in another Pitch i think it was about 123 BPM but when Oliver Schories sended me the Master back and told me „What do you think about the this Pitch“ I immediately felt a different and stronger vibe than in the faster version.
I love how dry the clap works in this tempo, the hypnotizing mood of the bells in the background and the fact that the synthesizers getting this barking animalistic sound. I played this track in warm up Sets but also at the peaketime of a set and it never failed. Sometimes you just need to slow down a little..

Secret Weapon #07
Miyagi – Aurora ( David Hasert Remix)

I love the analogue punch of the kick and the modular bass in this track. I could listen to this in loop for hours without getting bored so for me the remix for Miyagi´s Aurora is mostly about these 2 layers. The Aira Snare and the Cowbell brings a lot of drive in this so you just need Miyagi´s Chord out of the Original Track and the Remix is finished. To find these few layers sounds really easy but actually it was a long journey. Such a long journey that i past the last Katermukke deadline for a release. The good thing is you can download the remix for free on their Soundcloud Page.

Secret Weapon #08
„David Hasert, Barnt, Job Jobse – Cologne Megamix

We were very exited to get our hands on ´Cologne megamix´a special collaboration between Job, Barnt and David Hasert. Job hade made a podcast late 2012 and laid Barnt´s Ariola over ´Deep Horst´ by David Hasert, with surprising result. Luckily David Hasert liked the Idea too, giving Job and Barnt the Opportunity to finish it in Arif Malawi´s studio opposite Trouw on the Wibaustreet.“

Secret Weapon #09
rampue – Let´s be Kids again (David Hasert´s Smiggie Balls rmx)

Ok, my last posting about my first Hip Hop Track since 15 years wasn´t 100% true cause 4 Years ago I did this Remix for my friend rampue. When I first saw the name of the remix files “Let´s be Kids again” my first Idea was to create a remix based on a Vocal I loved when i was a kid.. So I found an old Notorious Big Record which I listend so hard when I was younger (Fun fact: He´s raping about doing a remix). So I decided to build my remix around his acapella & It´s fitted perfectly with rampues guitars and the Subbby Moog Bassline. Still play this track in the right moments.. Never failed.

Secret Weapon #10
Johannes Klingebiel – FFM (David Hasert rmx)

When I listened to Johannes Original Song for the first time i was totally in love. He has a really special feeling for Arp´s & Chords so in this case I used a lot of his Melody Section for the Remix. At this time I listend a lot of to Milva´s Old German records so I samled some tiny pieces of her “Piccolo Teatro” for the Remix. This unusual combination makes this remix really special to me and I think it´s one of the best warm up records so far. At all im not happy with the mastering cause It´s a little bit too sharp & compressed for me but at all the compressor-bitch couldn´t kill my Vibe in this case.. Hope You like it as much I do. Theatro!